Registering a new bot

Registering a Telegram bot

  1. 1. Register a bot account:
  2. 2. Save your Bot Token

Adding telegram bot key to your bot (Telegram bot)

  1. 1. Go to your admin pane
  2. 2. Log in, if needed
  3. 3. Go to a "Your bots" menu
  4. 4. Click "Add bot" button
  5. 5. Fill 'Bot id' field with your botId (you can find it in Data folder in your bot project)
  6. 6. Fill 'Bot key' field with your saved Telegram bot key
  7. 7. Fill 'Bot name' field
  8. 8. Press 'Save'
  9. 9. If your bot process is already running, please wait 30-60 sec in order to get telegram bot id and synchronize data, if not - please, run your bot project