Managing a bot

Adding a new bot to admin pane

In order to add a new bot, go to the "Your bots" page and press "Add bot".

You'll see a form with 3 fields:

  • bot id. This is an id from a Data subfolder (please, look into your own bot's folder)
  • bot key. This is a key, that you'll receive from your messenger after a new bot registration. In case of Telegram bots, please visit @Botfather to see you bot key
  • bot name. This is a bot name, that you'll see on the "Your bots" page after completing a registration.

After filling all of this fields, please, press "Save"

(De)activating a bot

On "You bots" page choose your bot and press "Start/stop" button. NOTE! All activation|deactivation processes may take some time (30-60 secs)!

Removing bot from admin pane

In order to remove you bot and stop all of it's functioning, please, go to "Your bots" page, choose a needed bot and press a "Remove" button