This is .Net Core – based platform, so .Net 7.0 support is a basic requirement.

Minimum software requirements: 

Visual Studio 2022 (v17.4, for client-side development), Windows 10/Windows Server 2012, Linux (Ubuntu 18.04, Red Hat 7.0, Debian 10).

Minimum hardware requirements: 

Processor: x64, CPUx4 (for development), CPUx1 (for running on server/client)

RAM: 8 GB (for development), 512 MB (for running on server/client)

The simplest way

The simplest way to install Botticelli platform on a server is to deploy it as standalone application on a Ubuntu-based server.

So, you need to run 2 scripts:

Building from source

  • Clone a git repository:
  • Open Botticelli.sln in VS'2022/Rider
  • Examples of usage are in Samples subfolder

Registering a Telegram bot

  • Register a bot account:
  • Put down your Bot Token

Starting a sample project

  • Go to a project folder and edit appsettings.json this way:
  • Start your project by running

in your project folder


After an installation you should run http://<ip>:5042 in your browser and register your admin account. The next step - choose "Login" on a left pane, input your login and password and come onto a page "Your bots".