Quick Start

Short summary

Botticelli consists of 2 parts:

  • Bots
  • Server

On server side we can add new bots, change and check their state (active/non-active).

On a bot side we can implement any business logic we want.


  • .Net Core 6
  • Visual Studio 2022 and higher/Rider

  • Clone a git repository: ``` git clone https://github.com/devgopher/botticelli.git ```
  • Open Botticelli.sln in VS'2022/Rider
  • Examples of usage are in Samples subfolder

  1. 1. Register a bot account: https://core.telegram.org/bots/tutorial#introduction
  2. 2. Save your Bot Token

Starting a sample project

  • Go to a folder and edit appsettings.json this way:
  • Start a sample bot project at Samples\TelegramMessagingSample. Run run_standalone.sh.
  • After the first run of a bot-project(Samples\TelegramMessagingSample in pour case), you should find Data\botId file with a generated botId
  • Copy a generated *botId* into a clipboard
  • In your browser run https://localhost:7247 (Admin panel).
  • Login with creds: login admin1@botticellibots.com and password 12345678
  • Go to "Your bots" page
  • Click "Add Bot" button, put in your *botId* and click "Save"
  • Create some new chat/group with your bot (Notice! In order to read messages from a group, your bot account needs admin priveleges!)
  • On "Your bots" page click "start/stop" button in order to activate your bot. Here you can track it's status (alive/dead).
  • Enjoy!